Wake Up Brokenhearted With Jordan Davis’ “Dreamed You Did”

As the year comes to a close, I like to revisit my favorite albums that came out throughout the year. Jordan Davis’s Home State album is high on that list. I can still listen to the whole thing without skipping a single song and, although I like every song on the album, “Dreamed You Did” has been a standout from the beginning.

You know when you have a dream and then you wake up to find it wasn’t real? You know how much worse that is when you dream that your ex said they wanted to work things out? Only to wake up to find that they didn’t, and you’re still stuck here without them. That’s exactly what this song is about.

One of my favorite things about Jordan is how all of his songs paint such a detail picture that you can’t help but imagine everything happening in the lyrics. In this song, you can get caught up in imagining how vivid of a dream that was and how real it felt. Maybe even putting yourself in that picture with someone you still have feelings for. Then you can imagine waking up in your bed alone and coming to the realization that it was just your imagination. Ouch.

So, what hurts more? That the person isn’t coming back or that you dreamed that they did?