Lana Del Rey Debuts New Country Song, “I Must Be Stupid For Feeling So Happy”

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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 05: Lana Del Rey performs during the 2018 Ally Coalition Talent Show at Town Hall on December 5, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Sorry, Bebe Rexha, but when I think about non-country artists testing out the country waters, this is what you like to hear.

Last week, Lana Del Rey was a part of Jack Antonoff’s Ally Coalition Talent Show, where she debuted what she called some new “country songs” according to Pitchfork. As she and Antonoff took the stage, the crowd didn’t know what to expect, but were blown away by Lana’s natural, haunting, delivery of the new song “I Must Be Stupid For Feeling So Happy.”

No word yet if Lana plans to release a country album, but with her talent and writing ability, don’t put it past her.

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Listen to “I Must Be Stupid For Feeling So Happy”

Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images