Federal Investigation Concludes That “Pilot Error” Caused Troy Gentry’s Fatal Helicopter Crash

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You just hate to hear a phrase like “pilot error” when it comes to such a terrible situation like this.

According to the Capital Gazette, a Federal investigation has concluded that “pilot error,” after experiencing engine trouble, was the cause of Troy Gentry’s tragic helicopter accident last year.

A final report issued Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board says the pilot cut the engine too soon as he tried to make an emergency landing, leading to an uncontrolled descent.

Pilot James Evan Robinson told ground control that he lost control of the engine. When they recommended a shallow, run-on landing, he instead opted to cut the engine and attempted to glide safely to the ground. The ground control experts said that he needed to wait until he was over the runway to turn off the engine, however the investigation concluded that he instead did so about a half-mile out away, causing the helicopter to crash into the woods.

Troy was 50 years old.

A tribute concert will be held in his honor on January 9th, at the Grand Ole Opry House.

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