Ryan Bingham Announces New Album, Releases Empowering New Song “Wolves”

For the first time since 2015, Ryan Bingham is releasing a new studio album.

American Love Song, Bingham’s 6th studio album, is set to hit shelves on February 15th. The 15-song album features the newly-released “Wolves,” a powerful song about standing your ground in the face of adversity.

“It is really about the constant effort of fighting the darkness,” Bingham tells Billboard. “Not only from what I’ve experienced personally growing up, but also witnessing what others are going through and fighting for everyday. There were a lot of ‘Wolves’ in my past from the schoolyard bully who was looking for a fight in the many different schools I went to while my parents kept moving, to the demons that were creeping up in my family with parents who were dealing with substance abuse. But the song was also inspired by the March for Our Lives students, in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, who were dealing with grown men and women questioning their integrity on social media…I was really taken aback by the kind of rhetoric people were using against these young people who were speaking out against gun violence. The courage of these kids was inspiring to me.”

Read full Billboard article here.

American Love Song tracklist:

1. “Jingle and Go”
2. “Nothin’ Holds Me Down”
3. “Pontiac”
4. “Lover Girl”
5. “Beautiful and Kind”
6. “Situation Station”
7. “Got Damn Blues”
8. “Time for My Mind”
9. “What Would I’ve Become”
10. “Wolves”
11. “Blue”
12. “Hot House”
13. “Stones”
14. “America”
15. “Blues Lady”

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