Drunk Airport Baggage Handler Falls Asleep in Cargo Hold, Flies With Baggage from Kansas City to Chicago

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You’ve probably seen the videos of certain baggage handlers tossing around luggage like they couldn’t give less of a fuck.

It’s beyond infuriating.

Did you ever stop and think, what if this person is drunk? Me neither.

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But, it happens. Drunk on the job. I can be drunk on the job at times and perform better, but that doesn’t go for most professions, however. According to WGN, an employee was working American Flight 363 last week when the Boeing 737 left Kansas City International Airport with the handler in a heated and pressurized cargo hold.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says he was found when the flight landed about an hour later at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The spokesman says the handler told police he was intoxicated and had fallen asleep.

No charges have been filed.

Can we take a second to think about the anxiety of waking up in the cargo load of a plane in the sky and having no idea how you got there? Where are you going? How much longer? This is one of those drunk stories that makes you feel better about your own embarrassing drunken behavior.

photo credit: GagliardiImages / Shutterstock.com

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