Devin Dawson Names Title Track “Dark Horse” His Next Single

“Dark Horse” itself was a dark horse, in that it barely made the album. Now, it’s the title-track and third single from the country singer’s debut album.

But title-track is just the beginning for Dawson, who says the new single is “the cornerstone, the glue, that tethered my entire debut project together,” says Dawson.

“These lyrics not only encapsulate exactly who I am, but who I believe everyone is, or at least as been, at some point in their lives. This song is truly the magnetic force between me and my fans and has resonated with them in ways I never knew were possible. Because of that, this next single choice is without a doubt a fan driven decision. When people shout out ‘Dark Horse!!’ every night from the beginning of my set and scream when we finally launch into that opening riff, the feeling is indescribable. This song has an x-factor that gives it the ability to reach people, and that’s a connection we can’t ignore. I am so proud and excited to bring a song that means this much to me to the radio waves as my next official country radio single.” 

Take a listen.

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