The Girl Who Isn’t Afraid To Be Single, Will End Up The Happiest

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These are just the facts, ladies.

Listen, and listen well. The girl who isn’t afraid to be single, will end up the happiest. Being single for an extended period of time isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

You may think there’s something wrong with you – why will no relationship work out? Why have I become more picky? In reality, these things are positive, and are setting you up to be happier than those girls that hop from relationship, to relationship. When you’re never single, you don’t learn certain things about yourself.

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When you’re single for long periods of time you:

Learn to be independent.

It’s you vs. you. You make the calls. You drive your own successes and failures. You grow.

Learn to use your head and your heart.

You think more. Both with your heart and mind. You don’t jump the gun on a bad relationship and waste 6 months of precious time.

Learn that patience truly is a virtue.

Good things come to those who wait.

Learn to place focus on more important things for the time being like a career you love.

Whether it’s your entrepreneurial goals, or a career you’re dying to have, being single allows you to place much of the focus here, or, in another area.

Learn how precious time is.

Time is all we have. Money comes and goes. But time, you don’t get that back. Waiting for the right person makes your time that much more worthwhile.

Learn what your priorities are, and should be.

The right one is out there, but now may not be the right time. You figure these things out, and grow with your own experiences.

Learn what you truly deserve.

Time gives you a different outlook. You realize the guy you thought you wanted isn’t the guy you actually deserve.

Learn to dream big.

That career, that business, that goal – you’re not afraid to go after it on your own.

Learn, most importantly, to love yourself first.

You can’t truly find the right person until you find the love for yourself within. Only then do you find that “one.”

Being single is being free in many ways. Not rushing, not jumping from relationship to relationship, teaches you that being independent, goal-driven, and patient leads to great things not just in one aspect in life, but rather all of them.

So, take pride in your single life – in your life filled with goals and passions that don’t involve a boyfriend or husband. That man will come – but you’re not going to worry if it takes a bit of time.

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