My First Experience At A Chris Stapleton Show

If you ever have the opportunity to go, GO.

This past weekend (Sept. 9), Chris Stapleton and his band played a show in my home town of Noblesville, IN. Let me just tell you, it was incredible.

If you’re wondering if Stapleton’s voice is just as good as it is on the radio, it’s 50x better; if that’s even possible.

First of all, I got to experience this with my best friend, my mom! One of my biggest pieces of advice is to always go to a concert with someone you love and cherish. Whether that’s a significant other, a best friend, or family, just choose wisely.

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Stapleton’s opener was Anderson East, and he was incredible. There’s just something about this guy’s sound that is different than most artists out there. It almost surprises you. We were able to just chill on our blanket in the lawn and it was so relaxing.

When Stapleton came out, that’s when the night truly started. There is just something amazing about when one of your favorite artists says “What’s up, INDIANA?” Since he doesn’t play here often, it got me so pumped up when he called out my home state.

He started off with “Might As Well Get Stoned” and it set the tone for the whole night. His voice is unbelievably powerful, it was incredible. Stapleton also told the crowd that this was the “biggest crowd they’ve had.” That was pretty cool to be able to say I was there for that.

I’ve been in the lawn for many concerts in my youth, but nothing like this. I’m used to drunk teenagers and rowdy adults chainsmoking a whole pack. But Stapleton fans, apart from a few hilarious drunks, were very chill. It was refreshing. My mom and I were able to sway and dance around without being shoved every minute. Also, every person there knew the words, and not just to “Tennessee Whiskey.”

The song that truly showcased the power of Chris Stapleton’s voice was “Death Row.” If you’ve ever heard this song, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I constantly heard fans around me commenting on it. “Holy sh*t.” or “He is incredible.” It almost stunned the crowd.

Finally, Stapleton saved his most popular song for last. The tune of “Tennessee Whiskey” starts playing and the crowd goes insane. But he made us wait. He started off doing about 7 minutes of acknowledging his bassist, drummer, and beautiful sidekick and wife Morgane. After all of that, Stapleton says “Let’s drink some whiskey.” and he went on to play that iconic song.

This has got to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. If you have an opportunity to go to a show on The All-American Road Show tour, do it. Travel for it. Just get there.

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