25 Signs You Grew Up in Northwest Indiana

The Region.

What a place. I spent 18 years of my life living in Northwest Indiana before moving to Chicago. As the years passed, I naturally visited home less, but still went back from time to time. Each time it became stranger, and stranger.

Many grow up in The Region, and move away, others remain, but we all have these things in common – here are 25 signs your grew up there.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

25. You, or someone you know, worked at Dairy Queen.

24. Summer wasn’t official until you saw some guy driving his Cutlass with no shirt on and no seat belt.

23. Walmart kept your family alive. Food, soap, medication, alcohol, tires, oil for the truck, you name it.

22. You listened to a combination of country and rap.

21. Everybody you knew had a dog.

20. Football was important.

19. You might see a former “popular” classmate now working at a gas station 10 years later.

18. You, or someone you know, has been arrested for underage drinking.

17. You were probably like 13 the first time you got drunk.

16. Mongoose with pegs was life and got all the chicks.

15. Every other town except yours sucked shit.

14. You’re a Bears fan, not Colts.

13. Applebee’s was fine dining.

12. High school lunch was chocolate milk and Bosco sticks. Every day.

11. The best looking girls usually ended up with the biggest bozos (in high school).

10. You’ve probably been in a fist fight at some point.

9. You egged houses as a kid.

8. You’d hang out at Kmart or Walmart until you got kicked out as a kid, too.

7. You started cursing at age 7, and still curse a lot.

6. The mix of poor and rich people was normal to you.

5. As a kid, you cut the grass from about age 4 to 18.

4. Everyone you know did one of the following: got a blue collar job, went to IU, or went to Purdue.

3. Your dad worked at a mill.

2. Southlake Mall was a good place to stare down assholes from other high schools.

1. “The Dunes I guess?” – You when someone asks what’s there to see in Northwest Indiana

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock