Wake and Bake Just Got A Lot Easier With These Weed Coffee Pods

Can I get a hallelujah?

This has to be the greatest hangover cure of all time. It’s called Brewbudz and the coffee pod has weed in it (it will work in Keurig coffee makers). I ain’t shitting you, folks.

They’re now available for purchase at weed retailers in Nevada, with several more states including Colorado and California on the horizon.

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Here’s more from Eater:

Brewbudz pods are filled with a mixture of coffee and actual cannabis flower, rather than an extract or oil. The company says its pods use a “patented extraction process” that simultaneously extracts the flavor and caffeine from the coffee as well as the THC or CBD and other components from the cannabis. Enthusiastic about the effects, but maybe not the flavor — of weed in your morning coffee? Maker Cannabiniers says that once brewed, the beverage is “virtually absent of cannabis odor and taste.”

The coffee pods come in regular or decaf, and there’s also hot cocoa and a few varieties of tea — black, green, and chamomile. The coffee and caffeinated tea are paired with sativa strains of weed, generally considered more energizing, while the nighttime tea pods include indica strains (better for relaxing or sleeping). Users can also select their desired THC dosage from three strengths: 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg.

And unlike K-cups, which have even been denounced by their own inventor for being a scourge on landfills, Brewbudz are 100 percent compostable; the pods resemble plastic but are actually made from recycled coffee beans.

While typical K-cups cost around 60 cents each, the cannabis versions are around $7 a piece.

Still cheaper than your average hipster coffee and joint, ya know…

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A beer bottle on a dock