20 Reasons The Camo Loving Girl Is Worth The Hunt

There’s not much sexier.

But, what is it about camo that works so well? Well, there are quite a few reasons a girl in camo is worth the hunt. Now go find her.

Here are 20 reasons a girl in camo is unbeatable.


20. Vegetarian? Probably not.

19. She’s not easily impressed.

18. She’s down to earth.

17. She can hang with the guys.

16. She can look hot without showing skin.

15. She’s tough.

14. She’s adventurous.

13. She’s not afraid to get dirty.

12. Is any date better than a hunt?


11. She probably enjoys a beer.

10. Or some whiskey.

9. Campfire over candlelight? Check.

8. What’s better than a girl shooting a gun?

7. Or a bow?


6. She’s probably got a wild side.

5. If she likes to hunt, she probably also like other sports, which is a plus.

4. Country music? She loves it.

3. She’s not materialistic.

2. She’ll tell it like it is.

1. She’s not an easy one to win over, but when you do, it’s totally worth it.