13 Things Every Farmer’s Daughter Knows To Be True

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Being a farmer’s daughter is more than just owning cowboy boots and knowing how to drive a stick.

It’s something to be proud of and will forever be special to me.

Here are 13 things you can relate to if your dad is a farmer.

1. You know it’s harvest season when your dad goes M.I.A.

You can’t expect to see much of your dad during harvest. Whether he’s in the tractor or taking a semi full of grain to the elevator, he’s working till the sun goes down.

2. You can keep up with the farm lingo.

You hear farm talk so much, that it’s become like a second language. You can keep right up with the conversations about what hybrid seed corn he’s planting that year, fixing the tile, and how many bushels per acre were harvested.

3. Your first driving lesson was in a cornfield.

It may not have been on the road, but you still got to brag to all of your friends that you were the first one to get behind the wheel.

“It was just an old hand-me-down Ford with three speed on the column and a dent in the door…”

4. You do all of the b*tch jobs.

If your dad is anything like mine, he doesn’t trust you to run the big machinery. (There may or may not be a reason for that). Instead, you get to run the gator out to the field to pick him up or shovel corn out of the grain bins. NOT fun!

5. You have the most unique childhood memories.

Living on a farm means making memories that not everyone gets to experience and grow up with. Taking my dad food out to the fields was my favorite part about helping when I was little. I thought that it was such a big “job” when I got to make him a plate and ride with him while he ate his dinner.

6. You’re forever hopeful your life ends up like Rodney Atkins, “Farmers Daughter” song.

The guy your dad hires for summer help is rarely a drop dead gorgeous cowboy, like everyone imagines. But there’s always hope that one comes along, and “catches a glimpse of the farmer’s daughter” and… you know the rest.

7. His machines were your toys.

When you were small enough, the grain elevator made a great set of gymnastic bars and the tractor wheel was big enough to play hide-in-seek in.

8. Riding in the tractor is quality daddy-daughter time.

Your dad probably won’t admit it, but it gets pretty boring in there. It’s always nice to make his day and ride along.

9. You know how to get down and dirty.

Growing up on a farm has made you into a girl who still knows how to be a lady, but you’re also not scared of a little dirt.

10. Picking up rocks is just another chore.

There’s always that dreadful time of the year that you get to pick up rocks in the field with your siblings and not get paid for it. It’s always a fight of who gets to drive the back hoe so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

11. You secretly wished it would rain so you’d get to see your dad.

Rainy days meant there is not much to do on the farm. You know when it rains that you’ll see your dad in the crowd at your sporting event or that he will be sitting at the dinner table that night.

12. But then when it rains too much, you feel guilty.

You know how important it is for the weather to corporate. The Luke Bryan song is true, “rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey” however, rain is not always a good thing. Too much rain equals a grumpy farmer.

13. You can appreciate hard work.

Farmers are some of the most hard-working people. They spend endless days and nights working to provide for the world and you’ll almost never hear them complain. In the end, it all pays off and you are so grateful for everything that your old man does for you and your family.

Thanks, Dad.

“So God made a farmer..”

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