41 Truths About Growing Up In A Really Small Town

Small town America teaches you a lot. You may not always love it, but you know it made you who you are today.

Here are 41 truths about growing up in small town America…


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1. When people ask where you’re from, you just say the nearest big town because they never heard of where you actually grew up.

2. You can’t leave the house without running into at least 5 people you know.

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3. Hanging out in some store parking lot was an acceptable form of entertainment at one point in your life.

4. Your teachers always knew you through your older brother/sister and would often call you their name.

5. You wave to people driving by, whether you know them or not.

6. If you’re not at the football game on Friday night, then you’re probably the only one.

7. Parallel parking in drivers ed class was a joke. Mostly because you couldn’t find a place to do it.

8. You know what FFA stands for (or used to).

9. First day of hunting season was a school recognized holiday.

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10. Getting a new kid at school was HUGE news.

11. You detassled as soon as you were old enough to reach it.

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