Brantley Gilbert Opens Up On Addiction With Powerful Words About Tough Love

Brantley Gilbert has been sober for over 5 years.

It’s definitely no small accomplishment, but he says that tough love was what helped him get sober.

“Basically,  you hear your whole life, people will tell you that the people that are closest to you, you know, will be with you through anything, will never leave. I found out that that’s not the case, at all. Some of the people that love me and cared about me the most were people that said, ‘You know what man, if that’s what you’re about, if being who you are and running with that crowd, the route you’re on, if that’s what you’re about right now I can’t be about it with you.’”

Perhaps nobody had more impact than Brantley’s wife (girlfriend at the time) and his God kids.

“My two God kids, the closest thing I ever thought I’d come to kids were my God kids, and I mean I love my God kids more than words. I wasn’t getting to see them. I didn’t see my mom a whole lot because she knew, you know she could tell. Stayed mad at my dad. People that were really close to me that cared about me I just pushed away and other people that knew what was going on said ‘Man, no, just no.”

His song “Just As I Am” beautifully illustrates that turning point.

Take a listen.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock