39 Things Every Country Girl Will Understand

A person standing on a dirt path

Country girls do it best. DUH.

1. You can rock the cowgirl boots like none other.

2. And boots beat the heels any day.

3. You’d rather spend a night out by the fire than out on the town.

4. A country girl’s wedding is a perfect mix of a southern charm ceremony with a rowdy redneck after party.

5. Country girls go best with country boys, and that’s good because…

6. Country boys are HOT.

7. But if boys don’t work out, it’s okay because you’ve got the only man you really need, Jack Daniels.

8. And your dog.

A dog running through a snowy forest

9. One look at a truck can make your heart skip a beat.

10. Home is where the heart is, and the heart is at a country concert.

11. You don’t understand people who don’t tailgate for concerts.

12. Mud is a must.

A dog running through a snowy forest

13. A day in the woods>A day at the mall

14. You can start a damn good fire.

15. You’re down for a day at the gun range.

A dog running through a snowy forest

16. You’ve got a little bit of gypsy soul in you.

17. You’re hard to get but worth the fight.

18. Country music is your therapy.

A dog running through a snowy forest

19. You’re a strong independent badass, and you know it.

20. But you’re also a little bit of a hopeless romantic.

21. The only thing you’d ever chase is a nice BBQ sandwich with a beer on the side.

22. You’re reckless.

23. It doesn’t matter how old Eric Church is compared to you, when he’s singing “Wrecking Ball” you’re turned on.

24. You love a good ole’ fashion shotgun challenge.

25. Anything from a broken heart to a broken kitchen sink, you know how to fix it yourself.

26. People might think you’re crazy sometimes, but you just can’t help it.

A dog running through a snowy forest

27. You embrace the haters because you know they’re just jealous.

28. You love an assertive man. It’s sexy.

29. Your idea of modern relationship goals is Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren.

A dog running through a snowy forest

30. You tell it like it is. No need to sugar coat anything.

31. You don’t let little things bother you or bruise your confidence.

32. You appreciate nature and anything outdoors.

A dog running through a snowy forest

33. Your values and morals are your backbone.

34. You’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.

35. You might be too stubborn for your own good.

36. You’re the first one up on the tailgate dancing and the last to leave.

37. You bleed red, white and blue.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

38. You know Whiskey Riff is the best damn country music entertainment ever.

39. Country girls do it best.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock