This Mom Saved A Letter For 20 Years To Give To Daughter On Wedding Day

My heart is pounding as I watch this video.

I remember being younger and even into my adulthood, my mom would always say that she gets it and she understands. My immediate and stubborn daughter response is to tell her that she doesn’t get it and my situation is different. At one point I got tired of this. I told my mom I was going to start writing. She smiled and asked me why. I responded and said, “So that one day when I’m old and have a daughter of my own I can show her my journals so she believes that I really do get it.”

My mom encouraged me to carry that out and as life has gone on, I still continue to write daily so that one day I’ll be able to look back at my life and show my daughter my failures so that she doesn’t have to make the same ones. Plus, she won’t be able to tell me that I don’t get it like the trait I’ll inevitably pass along to her of stubbornness will lead her to say.

All of that to say, this wedding video displaying a mom who wrote a letter to her daughter 20 years prior to giving it to her on her wedding day is absolutley beautiful. I truly can’t think of a more special gift than something as personal as this. Check out this story.

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