12 Warnings When Dating A Country Girl

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You’ve been warned.

Dating a country girl is the greatest gift you’ll ever get, gentlemen. However, there are some things you need to know about. Here are warning when dating a country girl.

12. You will be challenged.

We expect a lot from you, and give a lot back.

11. Don’t make dad mad.

You don’t want to piss of my dad, or any country girl’s dad. Trust me…

10. I’m fun, and adventurous.

I expect for you to keep up.

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9. Campfire over candlelight.

Always. Just make it happen.

8. There are time we’re gonna drink you under the table.

We like to throw some back now and then, good luck keeping up.

7. We love hard, but can also be hard to love.

We’re the best of both worlds, and sometimes the things that bother you the most, and are the hardest to make work, are the best things in the end.

6. Camo is a color to me, so you better like it.

I wear it often, and would love for you to do the same. Make it happen.

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5. If you don’t make us laugh, you have no chance.

It’s maybe the most important thing.

4. You better not be overly jealous.

A little jealousy is cute, a lot is scary.

3. Make me the best me.

I don’t want to change you, and don’t want you trying to change me. We expect for you to accept us for who we are, and make us better. We will do the same.

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2. The little things will always mean the most.

I want you to say I’m beautiful, and smart, not “hot.” I want a loving note here and there. Respect and trust mean the most  – not money.

1. In my world, chivalry is never dead, so act accordingly.

Open the door, surprise me with flowers, cook me dinner – not just when we meet, but forever.

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A person holding a trophy

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