9 Craig Campbell Songs You Should Be Listening To And Why

Craig Campbell always killin’ it.

Here are 9 of his songs that you should be listening to and why.  

1. “Outskirts of Heaven”

This song will take you to heaven and back, seriously. One of the best feelings I’ve had in my life was this past summer. I was driving my Dad’s truck down a few old Tennessee backroads, listening to this song as loud as I could with an indescribably beautiful sunset over the mountains. Truly heaven on earth.

2. “Fish”

This song is a sexy, fun country song. You’ll have the words memorized like the back of your hand soon enough. Grab your baby and go fishin’!

3. “Family Man”

This song shows how much Campbell truly values his family. The words express the reason he’s a family man and what that means to him. At the end of the day, family is always there for you. If you weren’t blessed with loving, caring family- thank God for the friends that turned into family.

4. “Keep Them Kisses Comin'”

This is the song you need to have playin’ when you pick your girl up for your Valentine’s Day date tomorrow. It’s a fun start for the night, you can slow it down a little later in the night. Just start here.

5. “When She Grows Up”

Tears. Tears will be streaming your face after you listen to this one. It’s a truly touching tribute to Campbell’s relationship with his daughter. As a Daddy’s Girl myself, this has my heart aching for a hug from my Dad.

6. “That’s Music To Me”

If you’re living the country life, you’ll relate and love every word to this song. It’s all the little simple things that mean the most to people like us. To others, we might look like we aren’t getting the most out of life. To us, though, we’ve got all we need and more.

7. “Truck-N-Roll”

Grab the keys, get in the truck and crank it up. This song is the kind of jam you’ll want to play on your next drive to nowhere.

8. “Outta My Head”

It’s a heartbreak anthem about seeing an ex-love everywhere you turn. All you want is to forget them, but your mind won’t let you. It feels like torture.

9. “That’s Why God Made A Front Porch”

There’s something about a front porch. Anyone who’s had one can attest to that. Your life wouldn’t be complete without your front porch. This song is kind of like a thank you letter to God. Check it.

Craig Campbell is a country king. Give his music a listen.

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