5 Life Lessons Lauren Alaina’s “The Middle” Teaches Us

I’ve always loved this song. It never fails to give me chills and make me think.

1. Learn from the past.

Your past and the past of loved ones. Think of all the advice you’ve been given over the years whether it be from your parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc. Take it, think about it, then apply it. There is always a reason for the advice loved ones give us, it’s just our choice to choose to listen to it.

“I get this feeling every year
The first days of winter
Pull out that box of souvenirs
To read your old letters
In that stack of memories
Found a note you left for me
It almost feels like you’re still here”

2. Make the most of every single day.

Yes, every day. Not just the days that you feel like it, not just the good days or the weekend. Make the most of the day that starts with and early morning wake-up call to get to work. Make the most of the rough patches in your life. Even though the times might be hard on you for many reasons, challenge yourself to find joy and still live life to the fullest.

If you spend every weekday waiting for the weekend and every week waiting for the summer and every summer waiting for love, you’ll end up spending your entire life waiting and that’s no way to live a life. Don’t wake up one day and wonder what you did with your entire life.


“Take each day and make it last
‘Cause you turn around and the future is the past”

3. Live for the present. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

God gave us each a life and we all know it can be gone in the blink of an eye. We might hear “live in the present” often but I think the majority of us still lack actually doing so. This means stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop worrying about whether you’ll be successful, find a husband, have kids, get to travel, ace your exam, be an olympian, just stop worrying. Take one day at a time and work towards those goals but don’t waste every day being anxious about the future because within a second the entire future could be gone or different than you ever imagined.

“Here and now is all we have
The beginning and the end mean so little
What matters most is what’s in the middle”

4. It’s about the little things.

I promise. It really is. You might think those big monumental moments are what make up a life when really it’s the little things and moments in life that make it worth living. For me, the little things are sunflowers in a field, a good country song at the right time, thoughtful notes, Sunday’s after church growing up playing outside while dad cut the grass. Those little moments are the things you’ll cherish forever, so don’t take them for granted. Find beauty in everything.

But Sunday afternoons
They meant so much to you
The simple things were golden
You found beauty in every moment

5. Live your life with no regrets.

I’m not saying YOLO as in go drink your brain away and forget what you did with your life. I’m saying have no regrets in the sense that you shouldn’t get to the end of your life and question what you did with it. God gave you life, find your purpose and pursue it with your full heart. When you’re on your deathbed at the end of your life, will you be pleased with how you spent your time on Earth?

“The day you’re born is just a start
Your last breath is a question mark
The story of your life is in the, in between”

What matters most is what’s in the middle. 

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock