Scotty McCreery Performs “Forever and Ever, Amen” For The Man Himself, Randy Travis

Scotty McCreery had the moment of a lifetime this weekend. He explained in the following post:

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Y’all won’t believe this…

45 minutes before my show last night at Billy Bob’s and theres a knock on my bus door.. My tour manager says, “Hey, Scotty come here”.. so I walk up to the front of the bus, look out the window, and who is standing outside my door?! RANDY TRAVIS!!! Him and his family decided to ride over to the show and surprise me! Got to visit with them for awhile before the show, and then they all sat side stage and watched the whole show!

The craziest thing about all of this though is 5 years ago before my first full solo show w/ my band we had worked up Forever and Ever, Amen to sing. Right before that show however, for whatever reason we took the song out of our setlist and never played it live over the years. But this year, we decided to put Forever and Ever back into the setlist, and last night was my first time ever performing that song live. And who just happened to show up, surprise me, and watch the whole show from the side of the stage?! Randy. Travis. I’d say that’s a God thing!

Definitely one of the coolest moments of my career to date is singing that song live, and looking over to my right and seeing him smiling ear to ear, dancing, and singing along w/ us!

What an honor! I had to share with yall!

See the amazing video right here. You’ll see Randy in the background, enjoying the hell out of Scotty’s performance.

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