Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Acoustic Video Premiere of Cole Taylor’s Hit “Cold Beer”

You’re a little more red wine, I’m a little more cold beer.

Cole Taylor is one helluva song writer. He’s proved that with being a co-writer on Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild’s “Home Alone Tonight” and Florida Georgia Line’s “Sippin’ On Fire.” Now that he’s got some killer cuts under his belt he’s been focusing on his artist career. Cole recently released a song that’ll get you movin’, and just the song title gets us goin’. I’ll let the song speak for itself with the video below. 

Lucky for us I got to sit down with Cole while he was off from Cole Swindell’s ‘Down Home Tour’, where he has been opening for Swindell the past few weeks and talk about what has been happening.

So you’ve been pretty busy since the last time we talked! What all have you been up to?

I’ve been out on the road the past couple of weeks with Travis Denning and Cole Swindell on the CMT Down Home Tour. Tulsa, Denver, Odessa to name a few and that is the furthest West I’ve ever been. Getting out West is cool and it’s great of Cole to bring me out on the tour. We were just in Florida and I love building my fan base all over. Seeing people know my songs on these runs is awesome. “Cold Beer” came out and people have been responding to it so well on the road.

Tell us more about “Cold Beer”.

Since I’m a songwriter first I write a song a day. Swindell told me that when it’s a big song, you’ll just know. Red wine, cold beer, the city to the country, it all works. A lot of people are in similar relationships, and love is the thing they have in common. The opposites attract thing. People love hearing it live and I get Tweets all the time how people relate to it. There’s something great about this type of fun love song.

How has being out on the Swindell tour been?

Being in front of so many people is awesome and a good place to try out new songs and see what the crowds react to. Cole is great and brings me back out onstage during his set and we do “Stay Downtown” together. Those fans are die hard and I love seeing them post pictures tagging us and everything. And for Cole to give us the opportunity to come out on the road with him is awesome. I just love getting the music out there to fans.

Any funny or interesting stories from the road?

Travis (Denning) came out at the Odessa show in some of Cole (Swindell)’s lady merch. I’m a spur of the moment guy so an end of tour prank could be in the works.

What’s coming for you in 2017?

Hopefully a record deal comes along, but until then I am just going to keep writing and spending as much time on the road as possible. Fans are the reason I get to do what I do, so it’s important for me to always get out there and play for them. I plan to continue on the slow and steady path as we’re rising to the top, because once I am there I wanna be there for a while.

We’ve been on Cole’s bandwagon for some time now, so go ahead and jump on it too. You can also listen to “Cold Beer” exclusively on Spotify here. Keep up with Cole on social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock