Save Your Soul With a Bar, Guitar, and These Whiskey Myers Jams

If you’ve never heard of Whiskey Myers, you’ve been missing out. Put them on shuffle and one song you’ll want to crush a beer and get reckless, and the next you’re just trying to hold it together and not cry in public. They have an amazing and unique blend of country and rock that’ll leave you wanting so much more. Here are 11 songs to get you started on one of the best kept secrets country has right now.

Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd

You are fully required to play this as loud as your speakers will possibly go.


“Earthquakes and hurricanes, and slow moving freight trains…” Classic.

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

I’m a college student, and there’s for sure been more than one occasion where this song has spoken to me on a deeper level.


Every now and then, I feel like country these days is lacking a little grit. But then I realize there wasn’t any grit left out there after they finished writing Lightning.


Any song paying homage to Bocephus is awesome. But it sounds even better coming from these guys.


Since the very beginning country music has always been so good at telling stories. And this is a fantastic example that Whiskey Myers are keeping that tradition alive.

Calm Before The Storm

If you’ve gotten this far along and haven’t realized that Whiskey Myers’ guitars kick ass, I’ll give you another chance.

Broken Window Serenade

Every now and then it shocks me that I forget how sad this song is. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still beautiful.


This is the definition of “badass”. I listen to this at least 3 times a workout.


The pure emotion and power this song has makes it too real. There are few times it doesn’t stop me dead in my tracks.

Lonely East TX Nights

Guy singing about heading home to his girl in East Texas? That’s about as perfect as a country song gets. I’d love for this to be the kind thing someone puts on in a bar and everyone sings along.

Ballad of a Southern Man

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock