10 Examples Of Life Living With A Woman

I recently moved in with the love of my life.

The first time you move in with the opposite sex, it’s an adjustment, and I’m not talking about big important life things. I’m talkin’ little things. Like I leave the shower curtain and cabinets open, and it pisses her off. Me? I’m always stepping on her cords from straighteners.

Keep it civil and fun, and tell the other person what’s annoying you. But, if you are a guy about to move in with your girl, or have, you know the following 10 things all too well…

10. Hair is everywhere. You pull it out of the drain. It wraps around your toes. Finds its way into your asscrack and underwear. It’s everywhere.


9. Bobby pins.


8. You always step on these cords.


7. You buy a lot of Drano.


6. That one shirt in the top right corner, that’s your closet space. 97% to 3% ratio.


5. They reproduce like city rats.


4. Where is it coming from!?


3. How is she not bald!?


2. I don’t understand it.


1. We meet again.


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