An Open Letter To The Women Of Country Music

A group of women on a stage

To all the women of country music:

Thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration. And I’m not just talking to the singers. I’m talking to the managers, tour managers, label heads, song writers, team members, tour crew members, band members, and every other woman involved in this industry. Even though it is 2016 it’s common knowledge that this is a male dominated industry and there are times where women are not taken as seriously. A lot of the time actually. My career in this industry is just getting started and I see that and see it’s going to be a challenge to break into some of the things I want to do. To the few female tour managers I’ve met so far: thank you for your advice and y’all kick ass. To the female label head I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know: I was more in awe of meeting you and listening to your stories and advice than when I met Luke Bryan. I can’t wait to learn from you.

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Women in this industry are kick ass and tough because they have to be. I respect them all so much because they’re chasing and living their dreams. Yes it’s hard, but they didn’t give up. That’s what people who are trail blazers do. So to all the women in country music and girls who have dreams of breaking into this industry either on the artist or business side: go for it. And be supportive of each other.

See y’all in Nashville. 

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