9 Reasons Country Music Needs “Moore” Of Justin Moore

I bet we are all a little baffled by the country music world every so often, but what’s the deal with Justin Moore?

He is consistently what I would call one of the most under-appreciated artists in country music (along with another Moore, but that’s another story) and with his upcoming album less than two weeks away, I’m hoping that country music fans make a point to really listen to this guy.

Here’s 8 reasons why:

1. He’s as authentic as it gets.

Justin Moore is true blue country music down to the core. From the way he dresses, to that Arkansas twang, nobody is more real-deal than Justin. It’s echoed in every second of his music.

2. He loves his fans.

3. Handshake like a vice.

You want to know the character of a man, take a look at how he shakes your hand and looks you in the eye when he meets you. Justin about broke my hand.

4. Family man.

Married to a wonderful women and the father of 3 beautiful little girls, Justin Moore knows where he’s truly blessed. At home.

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5. His collection of music.

Four albums of genuine country music. Justin has such a diverse catalog of music including everything from upbeat drinking songs to slow and sappy love songs. Songs about heartbreak, faith, family and of course, a few about just being a good ol’ fashioned redneck from Arkansas. He’s written well over 75% of all of them. Check out his duet with Miranda Lambert for some pure gold.

6. Sense of humor.

From his hilarious reading of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” to his prank with Ed Bassmaster, Justin knows how to have some fun.

7. His charity work.

Justin has supported veterans, children’s hospitals, hurricane victims, his hometown and countless other organizations to the benefit of those in need. He’s a class act.

8. Small Town U.S.A.

Seriously, have you heard it? It’s one of the best country songs I’ve ever heard.

Click here to pre-order Justin’s new album, Kinda Don’t Care, on iTunes (Aug. 12th)

9. If you put hands on a woman, he’ll beat the f*ck outta you.

We could all use a little “Moore Church and Cash.” Get yours here.

A person holding a trophy

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