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5 Friends That Drive You Nuts When It Comes To Country Concerts

There are some items in life that simply just go together. They fit like jigsaw pieces; one without the other seems to have a lil something missing. Thelma without Louise wouldn’t work, a campfire without smores is a crime, country music & summer go together like peas & carrots, as Forrest Gump would say.

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If you are a regular to this website, you probably fall under the category of being a regular at country concerts throughout the year, not just when the temperature cranks up. Country music has captured your attention and you plan on never letting go. It brings you peace, serves as the backdrop to some of your best stories and nothing is more exciting than getting to spend an evening seeing one of your favorite artists sing the songs you have been replaying over and over.

When summer concert season rolls around though, friends that don’t typically tag along decide they want in on a show you’ve been talking about. The more the merrier right? Well, sometimes…

Here are 5 types of friends that can drive you crazy when it comes to summer country concerts.

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1. The Screen Face

The friend that will not put their phone down the entire time. That techy gadget constantly illuminates their face. They watch the concert through that screen to make sure they capture every song on video or snap the perfect picture. Rather than seeing the artist in real life, they view the show from those darn megapixels.

2. The One-Hit Wonder

The friend that only knows the radio hit the singer has had but tells you they “LOVE THEM” when you mention going to the show. Once at the show they mumble through a song or two until the radio hit comes in the set. Then they jump to their feet & scream along at the top of their lungs. (These people get an A+ for enthusiasm though)

3. The Bump on the Log

The friend that turns out to not be into singing or dancing along to the songs. Instead they simply stand there, or even worse, stay seated. I’m not expecting perfection in knowing the words, or killer dance moves, but can I get some clapping along, or swaying back and forth, please?

4. The Perpetual Bailer

They seemed excited for the show right up until it is actually time to go. Then you are left scrambling to get rid of the extra ticket. I get it, things come up from time to time, but burn me twice with this & my awesome concert planning talents will no longer help you have a chance to see great artists.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

5. The Selfie Connoisseur

This friend is all about getting the retweets/favorites/likes later when they post that perfect picture. They show up in the impeccable outfit complete with the cowboy boots they dusted the mothballs off of. They have to get the picture to post; otherwise it doesn’t count as going in their books.

In the end though, whether your friends fall into any of those categories or not, if they mention wanting to go to a concert this summer, pile into a car and go.

Sure there might be too many pictures taken and a lack of being able to sing along, but you are making memories with your friends, and that is the best souvenir you can take home from a concert. You and your friends go together like peas and carrots too. So help them enjoy the show with less screen time and filling in the unknown lyrics. You might just turn them into a regular concert goer and the world could use a few more regular country concert goers.