Exclusive: Easton Corbin Talks “Are You With Me” & Touring With Carrie Underwood

Easton Corbin holding a microphone

Easton Corbin is about as authentic country as it gets. He is on the way to go turkey hunting after we wrap up this conversation and I’ll admit I am a little jealous, but I digress.

He is currently on tour with Carrie Underwood and is about to release a final single from his number one album, About To Get Real. In today’s country music landscape, Easton Corbin is one of a few artists who have been able to maintain a traditional country sound as well as break into the progressive ranks of country radio. He credits that to staying true to himself.

“As an artist you definitely have to be current. As a more traditional artist, I think there is a way to bridge that, but there is a point where you can only go so far before you are not who you are. You got to be true to yourself.”

His upcoming single, “Are You With Me,” is scheduled to be released on May 23rd and received a chart-topping remix treatment from Belgian DJ, Lost Frequencies. The remix charted number one in 15+ different countries including Germany, Israel and Australia.

“It’s a testament that great songs, and I think “Are You With Me” is a great song, transcend genres. It was definitely pretty random.”

Easton had some great things to say about his tourmate, Carrie Underwood, who recently surprised him with a show-stopping performance of “Happy Birthday.”

“Carrie is great. She puts on a heck of a show and she’s been really nice to us and is just, in general, a nice person. It’s one thing to sell out arenas on the weekend, but she can sell out a show on a Tuesday night. It’s pretty baller.”

Check out Easton Corbin’s upcoming single “Are You With Me.”

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