The Top 10 Reasons Every Girl Will Fall Hard For A Country Boy

Awhile back, we showed you all the reasons you’re going to want to find yourself a country music loving girl. (Read Here) On the other hand, there is definitely something that all ladies love about a country boy. 

I grew up in the country and have lived in the city for a while too, so I have seen and done it all. I consider myself a bit of a hybrid country/city boy. Although I think have a pretty good idea myself, I did take the time to do a little research and ask some girls their reasons for what makes these country boys so attractive. Aside from “they’re hot,” I got some pretty good feedback – Here’s the list.

10. He’s easy going


High maintenance women are one thing, but a high maintenance man? You’ll never see it from a country boy. They’re completely cool with just chilling inside on a Saturday night and you don’t always have to be dressed to the nines to impress them.  He appreciates the simple things in life and is just happy to spend time with you.

9. He’s a handyman


Things break and tires go flat. Fortunately, waiting a couple hours for AAA to show up and change your tire is never going to happen when you’re with a country boy. He may or may not be a carpenter or a mechanic by trade, but he knows his way around a hammer. Fixing a sink, changing the oil, or building a table is not only convenient and cheap but enjoyable for him.  Best of all, how cute is it to hold a flashlight or hand him a screwdriver? It’s a bonding experience.

8. He’s outdoorsy


A country boy loves being outside. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, being out in the woods or working in the field, outdoors is home.  He’ll take you camping, boating, hiking, 4-wheeling and show you countless other fun things to do. You’re going to want to have him check you for ticks too – and he’d be happy to.

7. He drives a truck


In the words of Kip Moore –  “Ain’t  nothin’ bout it luck, there’s somethin’ bout a truck.”

You know that as well as I do…Enough said.

6. He is romantic


Romance is not a lost art among the country boys. Dinner and a movie is fine and all but when you have the keys in your hand, the world is just waiting to be explored. He thinks nothing of whisking you off on a country picnic, taking you on a moonlight truck-bed camp out, building a little fire and if he can sing… forget about it. He’s will surprise you with a beautiful country song under the stars. He won’t try and buy your affection, he’ll earn it every day.

5. He’s manly


Most of these other reasons full under manliness too, but a country boy knows the difference between what makes you a man and what television tries to sell us as manly. Sure, he’ll grow out the facial hair and he definitely is not afraid to get dirty, in fact he probably loves it. He’s a little rough around the edges but also knows that being a good father and loyal companion makes a man too. He will protect the ones he loves and stand up for what he believes in.

4. He works hard


Hard work is at the core of the country guy’s life and it’s really the only way he knows. He defines himself by what he produces and not just what he consumes. Whether it’s working hard on the job, in the gym, or at his relationship, he is going to give it all he’s got. Humble, goal oriented and disciplined – He knows nothing comes to those who don’t work for it.

3. He loves his family


A woman can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mom.  A good country boy will love and honor his mother just the way he will love and honor you. He looks up to his father, learns from him, and respects him.  He has the back of his brother and watches over his sister. When he’s ready, he’ll bring you home to meet them and they will all make you feel like a part of the family too.

2. He’s country strong


That’s right ladies, all country boys look like this. Well not really, but they are generally very strong. Whether it’s the muscles you started building in high school football or the strength you got baling hay, a country boy isn’t afraid to get physical. Working out hard and staying fit is part the country way of life.  The first time you get wrapped up in his strong arms you’ll never want to leave.

1. He’s a true gentleman

Forget texting you to hang out. The genuine country boy will CALL YOU on the phone and ask you out properly. He will pick you up, open your door, and pull out your chair. He was raised to be polite and respectful, especially to a woman. It’s not all about him, it’s all about you. Do him right and he’ll make you his country queen.

It’s chivalry at its finest.


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