14 Times Nick Miller Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Nick Miller is always keepin’ it real.

You could say that every woman wants him, but that would probably be untrue. Do men want to be him? Probably some, but not many. Either way, it is undeniable that Nick has a way with words. His witty one liners create the perfect combination of everything you’ve been thinking but rarely ever say.

Here’s 14 times Nick Miller was in your head.

1. Those times when the little things get complicated.


2. When you’re on the date from hell.


3. When you come out of the Apple store a champion.


4. When you crush a Netflix binge and don’t feel a damn bit of guilt.


5. When you finally get kicked off your parents health plan.


6. When you have no hobbies and spend all your time on Reddit.


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7. When she tries to take you shopping and you can’t think of an excuse.


8. When your relatives start talking politics at dinner.


9. When you can’t seem to figure out how you got so drunk.

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10. When your life is going nowhere and you’re desperate for an accomplishment.


11. When you’re actually honest with yourself about that 4 day bender.


12. When you try to help out a friend the only way you know how.


13. When you’re not drunk enough to get down just yet.


14. When you run into your crush and completely freeze.


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