Nelly Says He Respects Country Music Too Much To Put Out His Own Country Album

A few months back, we told you about Nelly’s intentions to release a country EP. Well, it’s not gonna happen.


In an interview with Rolling Stone he cleared the air…

“It got kinda twisted. It’s not actually country, so to speak. I love country music. I respect country music so much that I would never think that I can sit down and just as easy do a country album. That’s not it. That’s just like some country artist saying, “Hell, I’m just gonna do a rap album.” What I will say is that, I’m tryna come up with an idea of doing an EP that crosses all boundaries, all genres and it may feature different country artists. But if you look at country music now it’s broadened up so much.”

Should be an interesting listen, regardless. Nice to hear someone saying country is not something you just do to do.

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