Lindsay Ell Leaves Her Ex In The Dirt With Brand New Single ‘By The Way’

12140674_850166225079098_2434141649064445898_nLindsay Ell is a crazy-talented, beautiful, pop-country, guitar shredding rockstar so, although I’ve never lost a girl like that myself, I have lost some pretty awesome girls and they sure aren’t single for long. ‘By The Way’ is exactly that. A girl power anthem about moving on from those losers that left you high and dry and hitting the town to leave that memory behind you.

The hook is catchy as hell and I can already see myself walking around singing “By the way, hey by the way, guess who’s goin’ out tonight” and people looking at me like “hey take it easy T-Swift.”

Despite being fun and catchy, there is also an important and relatable message for both men and women alike. Girls, get rid of that jackass and find the guy that you deserve. Guys, don’t be said jackass. You want to be the guy that she is looking for. In her words, don’t be Mr. Cowboy Boots, be Mr. Pickup Truck.

With intriguing lyrics, her smooth vocals and some slick guitar riffs, ‘By The Way’ should be an awesome preview of what’s on the horizon from Lindsay, of which, I couldn’t be more excited for.

Sidenote: Lindsay is currently in the middle of a 24 hour music marathon in Nashville for charity. Get your ass down to Broadway and check it out.

Click here to download Lindsay Ell’s brand new single ‘By The Way’ on iTunes

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