US Marine Starts GoFundMe Page So He Can Go Hunt ISIS

Marine Philip Aaron Bonnie wants help so he can go hunt ISIS. Seriously.


Bonnie is looking to raise $7,000 to help pay for gear and the trip. On his GoFundMe page, he stated the following:

I believe that the innocent have a right to survive. I saw the tyrannical thumb dictating through fear while I was in the marines in Fallujah for the surge with 2/6 weapons company and even more so while I was a military contractor back in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. I believe that people from all races, all nationalities, have a right for freedom, a right to dictate their own lives ,a right to live without fear, a right to not be subjugated to the iron rule of sharia if they choose not to. I believe in the humanity of mankind to fight against oppression and torture; both mentally and physically. I believe in the right to choose. With all my heart, I swear, I will make a difference. I need help raising the funds to get me to northern Iraq to go fight with the Peshawar in northern Iraq or Kurdistan against Isis. I have already been accepted and approved through a special project. Your funding goes to my gear, and plane ticket that’s it. I’m tired of hearing about true evil without making a difference and fighting against it. It’s the right thing to do. Thank you for the support.

His GoFundMe Page.

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