Waffle House Activates “Storm Center” For Looming Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence approaches landfall on the East Coast, Waffle House is busy tracking the situation in their storm center.

Why? Because according to Fox News, Waffle House has an emergency routine that’s so well-regarded, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) unofficially uses the restaurants’ status as an indicator for the severity of a natural disaster.

“If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad. That’s where you go to work,” then FEMA administrator Craig Fugate said.

The “Waffle House Index” has three, color-coded levels: green meaning the restaurant is open and serving a full menu; yellow indicates the menu has been scaled back and there may be water but no power; and red indicates the restaurant is completely shut down—and the area is likely in need of serious assistance.

“A lot of times, especially after a big storm, we’re the only ones still open because we’ve got generators,” said Warner. “Right after storms, business is brisk. We have a lot of people come in and are only able to get their first hot meal at a Waffle House.”

Both, in times of late night drunkenness and in times of crisis, Waffle House is there.

Stay safe out there friends.