30 People Share What Advice They Would Give To Their 24-Year-Old Self

As a young adult in your early 20s, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment with everything that’s happening in life right now. There’s still so much to learn, and we’re just getting started.

A recent AskReddit post asked the question, “People above 30, what advice would you give your 24-year-old self?”

There were a variety of responses, but these 30 were the most popular…

1. Enjoy your metabolism while you have it.

2. College is over, stop drinking so much.

3. You don’t know everything. Listen to your elders.

4. Travel to other countries.

5. Save money, you goddamn moron!

6. Try more new things.

7. Don’t be in a rush to do anything. Learn how to be alone. Love yourself.

8. Hang out with dad more often.

9. Listen to people you trust.

10. Stand up straight. Our parents were right, Dowager’s Hump is a real thing.

11. Don’t get married until you are certain you have full understanding and acceptance of the other’s opinions and beliefs.

12. Take care of your body and stay out of trouble.

13. Stop sacrificing yourself for her, she’s not the one.

14. Everyone’s path in life is different, and don’t be afraid to make your own.

15. Continue to grow, learn, and try new things with an open mind. It will make you a better person overall.

16. Someone is always going to be offended, no matter what.

Live your life, because after all, it’s YOUR life. Life will beat you up enough, and it’s not worth letting other people add on to it.

17. Stay in shape you lazy motherf*cker.

18. Knowledge is free and available. Learn to fix everything.

19. Chill. You’re never gonna be normal, so might as well just be yourself.

20. Don’t overthink everything.

21. Leave him now, you jackass. Stop waiting, he never gets any better.

22. When someone tells/shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Not everyone deserves your empathy.

23. Go out to lunch with your grandma when she invites you.

You only have 4 more years with her, and she’s your best friend. You aren’t too busy.

24. Don’t stress out about the small things in life.

25. If you want to do something when you grow up, now is the time. You are grown up now. You will only grow older from this point.

26. Take care of your skin. It all goes to shit once you hit 35.

27. It’s ok to be afraid, but make a decision.

Wrong decisions can often still lead to solutions. Indecision will never make progress. When all else fails, just do what feels right.

28. Don’t ever lose or change who you are for anyone but don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities.

29. Date Around – get to know people, find out what you like or don’t like.

30. Life is too short.

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