NASCAR Dad Jumps On The Track & Rescues Son After Car Bursts Into Flames

God bless all the dads like Dean Jones out there. The dads that will do anything for their children. The dads that rush into burning cars wearing nothing but a polo and cargo shorts to save their children. You’re the real heroes.

When NASCAR driver Mike Jones lost control of his 39 car and smashed into the wall, he went spinning out of control and eventually came to rest in a ball of fire. His father Dean didn’t blink twice before running onto the track to save his son.

“No one except sweet Baby Jesus would have kept me from freeing my son from a burning race car.”

The big takeaway from this story… real NASCAR drivers love Ricky Bobby too. You would think so, but you can’t be sure if anyone would like a movie that mocks their profession. But, they do and I love that.

Dean was put on probation for running onto the track.