8 Songs That Demonstrate The Power Of Women Through Country Music

Let’s go, girls.

We’re all well aware of the discrepancy between the amount of airplay on country radio for men and women. But that doesn’t mean the women aren’t bringing their A game right now. The women of country music are truly leading a movement of empowerment, not just by their actions, but by their songs too. Sure, there’s the typical song about love or heartbreak, but many current songs show how strong these women are and can be.

These are a few of the current songs that speak to the power of women in country music and make me proud to be a female country music fan.

“Keeper of the Flame” – Miranda Lambert

Despite being consistently dismissed by the radio, Miranda has always had a strong voice for female empowerment. This song speaks volumes to the importance of strong women leading strong women of the future. I’ve been a Miranda fan since I was 11 years old and this is exactly why.

“Friends Don’t” – Maddie & Tae

The dating world in 2018 is terrible. This song makes gives that nudge women have been needing to step up and take control of the relationship. No need to be passive and wait for the man to take control anymore. They aren’t really doing a good job of it right now anyway.

“Make Him Wait” – Abby Anderson

Life and relationships work on a woman’s terms. You say what happens and when. In this fast paced, immediate satisfaction society we live in, this is a good reminder that as women, we can make him wait.

“Taxidermy” – Kassi Ashton

What says female empowerment more than telling some guy you’ll stuff him and hang him up for decoration if he doesn’t treat you right? Here’s to letting men know what kind of behavior won’t be tolerated and what consequences might follow.

“Worth It” – Danielle Bradbery

It’s so important to recognize your worth and to demand you get the kind of treatment you deserve. This song delivers that message loud and clear. Don’t be afraid to say you’re worth it, because you are.

“Cry Pretty” – Carrie Underwood

As much as we’d like to be strong all of the time, we still break down and that’s okay. In addition to remembering our value, we also need to remember it’s okay to not be perfect all of the time. Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it out and it might not look the best.

“Girl Goin’ Nowhere” – Ashley McBryde

This song speaks for every woman that’s been told she couldn’t do something. What’s better than proving them wrong and showing those people you can. A song to every person who’s ever doubted your ability to succeed in anything you set your mind to do. You can and you will.

“Queens Don’t” – RaeLynn

An anthem of how women should treat each other and themselves. It’s so important for women to work together in this movement and not against each other. This song has expanded beyond the walls of country music, even being recognized by artists in other genres.