Twitter Sounds Off After Sturgill Simpson’s Festival Announcement, Eager For More Shows As “Tour” Tab Appears On Website

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Sturgill Simpson has just been sitting back and laughing for the last 2 hours, watching his fan base search for answers. Or, he has no idea because he still uses a flip phone and is off in the woods somewhere without service anyways. It really could be either one…

Yesterday, Sturgill Simpson got fans worked up as he posted a countdown on his website, hoping to reveal some exciting news.

If you are like me, you probably pulled a Wizzard Of Oz moment and clicked your heels together three times, wishing for a tour announcement. But given the lackluster announcement from the last time he put “COMING SOON” on the cover of his website, fans went into a spiral, and it was just an album re-release. My hopes going into this were slim.

While I must admit celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Metamodern Sounds In Country Music is fantastic, as it was a groundbreaking album, did he really have to get us riled up with a mega-dramatic countdown?

The announcement was set to go live at 10 AM Pacific Time, but his website was wired to show a countdown to 10 AM of your local time zone, leaving fans freaking out… or convinced that he was just trolling with us.

I must admit myself the amount of times I pushed re-fresh to ensure that I was not missing anything was honestly embarrassing.

While I think we all were hoping for multiple tour dates, I will take what we can get. Sturgill Simpson is one of your Outside Lands Festival 2024 headliners. The festival is set to take place at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA, from August 9-11th.

Once again, this announcement seems a little lackluster. In the last few years, Sturgill has made handfuls of appearances at festivals, like Farm Aid and Dead Ahead Festival.

But in the disappointment of this countdown lead-up, a tour tab has appeared on his website…could this one show be Sturgill dipping his toe back into the live performance pond to see if he is ready to actually hit the road again? I freakin’ hope so. There is also a button on the tab that allows fans to be notified of future shows, so I am really going to hold onto hope that there are future shows.

In the meantime, Twitter’s commentary on this announcement is gold, and this first Tweet really sums it up for me.

As I think we are all always trying to look at any situation as half-glass full, at least we can finally say this with our chests: STURGILL IS BACK, BABY!

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