“Coming Soon” – Sturgill Simpson Website Sends Fans Into A Frenzy

Sturgill Simpson country music
Semi Song

Is the Dick Daddy cookin’ up some new tunes?

Sturgill Simpson fans got their tinfoil hats on amid the news that his website now reads “Coming Soon,” with password protected access on the homepage.

Anytime a musician does anything with the words “coming soon” attached, the natural inclination is to assume that new music is on the way. Could Sturgill Simpson have new music dropping soon? Some fans seem to think so, and oh, how glorious that would be.

Of course, Sturgill promised to only release 5 Sturgill Simpson solo albums and then be done with it, a promise he even doubled down on following the release of “Dood,” but we have seen Stu lend his talents to a handful of other projects whether it be vocals, guitar playing, producing, and even acting.

So really, this “coming soon” could be anything… right?

Folks took to Reddit to share some of their thoughts, and the commentary did not disappoint:

New Album?? Please God just this one favor.

Note: The password is not BigDickDaddy

The admin of the Sturgill fan page on Facebook said something will be dropping on the site at midnight just not sure as to what exactly!

That one sounds promising…

I want new music but I really want a new tour

I’m getting a boner over here!

If there’s a tour I will sell my kidney to pay for a ticket

Just set an alarm for 11:58 pm.

Sweet baby Jesus please let it be a tour

So who’s on brute force duty?

If Sturgill puts out a new album, and it has electric country songs on it with collabs aplenty, I will be a very excited man.

Pollywog is not the password

And there’s this…

Maybe stick around ’til midnight and see….

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