Parker McCollum Hints At Post Malone Recording His Unreleased Track “Left Me In Your Mind”

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Chris Kleinmeier

Parker if you’re going to plant this seed in our heads, please let it be true.

The Gold Chain Cowboy, Parker McCollum has been in the studio working on his fifth studio album, and from what he has shared on social media thus far, it appears to be work that is taking us back to his early days. Parker is feeling so confident in what is going on this record that he took to Twitter sharing it was his best work yet.

“Studio tomorrow. Crazy to be recording my 5th studio album.

I know for 100% fact that these songs and this record is the best I’ve put together since the kid. Took me a long time to get back to this place as a songwriter. Feels good to be happy about my songs again.”

While some fans expressed concern that this might be a lofty goal, others quickly responded, pleading for some of their favorite unreleased songs to appear on the new album. One fan asked McCollum if his track “Left Me In Your Mind” would appear on the album.

McCollum sang the song a few years back on a live stream, and the heartbreaking lyrics live rent-free in many fans’ minds. And I don’t blame them, it’s sad country gold.

“Have you ever closed your eyes
Held me tight
And dream of someone new
Tell me have you ever felt
Likе someone elsе could make your dreams come true
Have you ever secretly walked out on me
Left all we had behind
I wonder have you ever left me in your mind.”

McCollum responded to the fan, noting that it would sadly not make the cut, but the alternative has me FIRED up.

“No, but somebody told me Post Malone is going to record it, so hopefully he does.”

Post Malone has been very open about working on some sort of country project, sharing images in the studio with Ernest, Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and many others. I can only imagine how unreal a cut of this song from Posty would sound.

Any day now for an album announcement, Post Malone…we are on our knees begging at this point.

If you aren’t familiar with the unreleased fan-favorite, fire it up while you are here.

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