Wyatt Flores Lays Down Stunning Acoustic Version Of “Half Life”

Wyatt Flores country music
Wyatt Flores

Days after the release of Half LifeWyatt Flores is already giving us acoustic cuts.

Last week, Wyatt Flores dropped an eight-track EP, which might be some of the Oklahoma native’s best work yet. Half-Life wrestles with loss, love, and death in the 22 years he has been alive. As Flores often speaks on mental health, this collection of songs is some of his most vulnerable songwriting and what feels like a viewing window into his mind.

The title track, “Half-Life,” was an early favorite of mine from the first listen, and Flores is treating us, sharing a stripped-back version of the song.

The lyrics of the track highlight the feeling of holding back when it comes to living because you want to be there for others and make everyone around you proud, but in the reserved lifestyle, you feel as though you are living a “Half Life.” I think this message is something any musician struggles with. You are on the road for long stints of time, chasing a dream that some might not think is worth it while trying to prove them wrong. It’s demanding and draining, yet rewarding all at once.

“I was caught in the moment
Living a half life, I’m only waiting to come down
Half a believer, heart of a doubter
I only hope I make you proud
Between here and there and everything I got
Living the half life”

The acoustic cut of this song allows for the words to cut deep as they settle into the listeners’ ears. Aside from the lyrical delivery, the video also highlights Flores’ vocal talent. His ability to softly deliver the words, ramping them up to emphasize certain portions of the song, really drives the message home.

If you were a fan of “Half Life” prior to reading this, watching this video will make you a fan of the track as one of the best on the EP.

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