Wyatt Flores Wrestles With Love, Life & Death On Stellar ‘Half-Life’ EP

Wyatt Flores country music
Matt Paskert

The highly anticipated Half Life EP is here.

Wyatt Flores has shaken up the country music scene since he broke out with his 2022 single “Please Don’t Go.” Since that explosion in popularity, each release has followed the same path, skyrocketing Flores to being one of the hottest names in country music. Right before the end of 2023, Flores released his Life Lessons EP, which instantly captured listeners and further proved that he is READY to be the next big name in country music.

Today, Flores dropped another collection of eight songs highlighting another phase of his songwriting career, and it is some of his best, in my opinion.

Highlighted on the tracklist are previously released singles “Wish I Could Stay,” “Milwaukee,” and his cover of The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” (which he recently had to remind people he did not write.)

Along with those three stellar singles listeners are already familiar with, we have five songs that are new to our ears.

“These songs capture my perspective on relationships I’ve had with my family, friends, love, music, mental health, life, and death over the past couple years. I still have a lot of learning and growing to do at 22 but I’m thankful for everyone who’s ever given my music a chance.

I hope these songs help you with whatever you might be going through and remind you that you’re not alone in whatever it is you’re facing.”

From the opening track, “Running Out Of Time,” Flores sets the tone of the struggle between life and death with profound songwriting on the track about losing someone you love too soon. While carrying a heavy message, the somber song also amplifies the notion of living life to the fullest because you never know when your day might come.

Through the rest of the EP, you see Flores expand on this feeling of living in the moment and not wanting to waste time, but also having reservations about being away from those you love while being on the road or having a fear of not finding someone that can keep up his lifestyle.

The concluding track, “Devil,” which Flores debuted at Cain’s Ballroom, is the perfect closing track highlighting the thoughts that can keep you up at night. Whether it’s lonesomeness, heartbreak, guilt, or sadness, the racing thoughts can take over, and he is fighting his own “Devil” to find joy again.

Flores heavily advocates for his fans to prioritize their mental health, and this EP has a track that everyone can relate to. We are all fighting our own demons, and Flores’ vulnerable and real songwriting draws back the curtain on the good, bad, and ugly thoughts that can occupy one’s mind.

Flores closed out his Instagram caption promoting the EP, saying he hopes these songs will make his fans “feel something.” I think he exceeds that notion, and the messaging on this collection of tracks will move his fans. Every single one is well worth a few listens.

“Running Out Of Time”

“Are you gonna wake up before you close your eyes?
Are you gonna hold the ones you love so tight?
We’re gonna die, gonna die
So do what makes you feel alive
We’re running out of time
Running out of time”


“Half Life”

“I was caught in the moment, livin’ a half life
I’m only waitin’ to come down
Half a believer, heart of a doubter
I only hope I make you proud
Between here and there and everything I got
And all that I lost, livin’ the half life.”

“If I Don’t See You Again” 


“Now, you wanna leave, aw, isn’t that sweet?
You cut me so deep and don’t even hang around to watch me bleed
So, tell me why, I wasn’t enough?
Should’ve looked for somebody new, can hearts be rebuilt without love?”

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