Megan Moroney To Release “Indifferent” Next Month

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Jeff Johnson

For the girls.

Megan Moroney just announced that her already (unreleased) fan-favorite song “Indifferent” will be out everywhere on May 3rd, and it can’t come soon enough:

“Tour starts tomorrow & I heard y’all wanted me to play indifferent on the road so I guess now is a good time to let you know it’ll be out May 3rd.”

The six-time ACM Awards nominee been teasing the song for a little while now, and it’s definitely a little bit outside of her normal style but I’m kind of obsessed.

“Indifferent” finds Meg well-past moving on from a breakup, no longer worried about where her ex is, what he’s doing, or who he’s hanging out with… there’s also a heavy power chord around the chorus, and I already know I’m going to have it on repeat:

“Throwback to how I used to care about,
Where you went, where you’ve been, who you’re with,
Losing my patience and checking locations,
And rereading texts that you sent,

I would cry 1,2,3 too many times,
Just wasting my prime,
On a guy who was more wrong than right”

Can I get an amen? She speaks the truth…

Unfortunately, I think many of us have experienced exactly what she’s talking about, but somehow, this song makes it feel like so much fun. It will be a therapeutic experience to roll around with the windows down blasting “Indifferent,” so thank you in advance to Meg for the free therapy.

I’m also excited to see her wading into a bit of a heavier, more rock-leaning sound, at least for this one song, and it is a pretty stark contrast to her other recent releases in the very somber, more stripped-back “28th of June” and “No Caller ID,” which makes it all the more intriguing.

Check out the teaser here, you’ll be glad you did:

“28th of June”

“No Caller ID”

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