Megan Moroney Releases Fan-Favorite Breakup Song, “No Caller ID”

Meg Moroney country music
CeCe Dawson

Megan Moroney doesn’t miss.

Today, she released an already fan-favorite called “No Caller ID,” which she’s been teasing out on the road some and I’ve been obsessed with for a while.

The breakup tune has a really unique concept, which finds Meg’s ex finding new ways to contact her, though through the verses in the song, she eventually realizes she’s moved on enough and doesn’t want to pick up the call with “no caller ID” anymore.

Written by Meg along with Connie Harrington, Jessi Alexander and Jessie Jo Dillon, it’s certainly in her wheelhouse in terms of sad songs and lamenting the end of a relationship.

Meg also perviously noted that she’s “almost done” writing her second album, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this one will likely be included on the project when the time comes to narrow down the tracklist.

I love the production here, and of course her lyricism shines above all else, so do yourself a favor and check it out:

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