Megan Moroney Laments The “28th Of June” And The Memory Of A Former Flame On New Single

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Megan Moroney does it again.

Today, she released what’s already become a fan-favorite song in “28th of June,” which was written by Meg along with frequent collaborators Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter and Micah Carpenter.

Sad songs are somewhat of a Meg Moroney specialty (she loves them as much as I do), and this gorgeous piano ballad is a beautifully sad breakup song where the date, and title, signifies an old anniversary, though she and the guy are no longer together.

Meg recalls how last summer she and her ex spent the evening exchanging cards and having a romantic night with “rose petals on the bed,” and this year, it’s “just another Tuesday”:

“28th of June it was me and you
Rose petals on the bed and I love you
Written on a ‘Happy one year’ card,
Here’s to forever you have my heart

Drank a bottle of red and opened up another
Danced around the room holdin’ on to each other
Like we were never gonna let go
I was too naive to know
Just cuz something’s good don’t mean it lasts”

I love the perspective and the way this song was written, as she reflects on the fact that, even though the date might’ve been one of the most important on her calendar at some point in time, that’s no longer the case and “now it’s just another Tuesday.” She struggles with those memories, even though she knows, at the end of the day, it just wasn’t meant to last.

But as we all know, that doesn’t make it any less sad or heartbreaking…

I’m sure it will make the cut when it comes time to pick songs for her sophomore album, which Meg perviously noted was “almost done” with, and you should definitely check it out while you’re here. She said on TikTok that the next song she’s releasing isn’t sad and we should “cry while we can,” so that’s what I’ll be doing today…

Turn it up:

Meg recently put out another fantastic single in “No Caller ID,” and this (unofficially announced) record is already shaping up to be as stellar as her 2023 debut, Lucky:

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