Oakland’s Jack Gohlke Says Favorite Moment This Morning Was “When I Was Named Cracker Of The Day”

Jack Gohlke
The Pat McAfee Show

Antonio Brown is on a HEATER lately.

A delusional, unhinged, scumbag of a human heater…. but a heater no less. Regardless of the allegations that he’s not, in fact, firing off these tweets himself, his new faux sports network, CTESPN, is pretty hilarious.

I mean… c’mon:

When he’s not roasting Daniel Jones on stage with Zach Bryan, or breaking Russell Wilson news (did he actually break a scoop?), he’s crowning the illustrious Cracker of the Day. And today’s superstar whyte person… none other than Oakland’s sharpshooting stud, one of Pewaukee, Wisconsin’s finest… Jack Gohkle.

In fact, the fellas on the team were loving it as Jack revealed this morning on The Pat McAfee Show:

“My boys favorite moment this morning was when I was named Cracker of the Day.”

Beating Kentucky? Cool. Winning AB’s Cracker of the Day? Priceless.

On the back of Jack’s 10-three, 32-point effort, the Oakland Golden Grizzlies (which is located in Michigan, not California) upset the Kentucky Wildcats, 80-76. Jack and the boys will take on NC State this weekend in the Round of 32.

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