Thomas Jefferson University Apologizes After Graduation Goes Viral For Horribly Mispronounced Names, Including “Thomas”

Thomas Jefferson U
Thomas Jefferson University

It’s graduation season, which means that college students are moving on from their universities to join the workforce and officially start their lives.

The one moment that signifies and celebrates the special occasion is commencement. Graduation ceremonies are thrilling for those sitting in their caps and gowns, and everyone else in attendance support the grads have to act like it’s an exciting event (you really just sit there for three hours to hear one person’s name called).

But anyways, if a commencement ceremony goes right, no one outside of the building should ever hear about it. All of the college grads get their fake diploma and they get out of there (thousands of dollars in debt). However, sometimes something happens during the commencement, and the whole world suddenly becomes interested in the very mundane, boring (but exciting!) lifetime milestone.

We saw a case of that happening last week at High Point University where their graduation tradition of a bald eagle flying above the students resulted in quite the close call for those sitting close to the stage. And we are seeing it happen at another college, this time Thomas Jefferson University, because the person announcing the graduates so horribly butchered all of the pronunciations. To be transparent, some of them weren’t even that difficult to say… like Thomas. You know, the name of the school.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania university had just made it to their College of Nursing graduates when things went off the rails. Since the video has gone viral, the announcer who could not have done a worse job announcing names said that the mistakes came from the phonetic spellings provided, which are supposed to make pronouncing things easier.

Regardless of what the problem was, it was a tragically embarrassing mistake for those walking across stage that only went to shake hands with the university president because the name that came through the loud speakers sounded close enough, as you’ll see in the video below:

What a disaster.

The announcer was eventually removed after they continued to brutally mess up name pronunciations, and Thomas Jefferson University issued an apology for the mishap, saying:

“The leadership and faculty of Thomas Jefferson University extend our sincerest apologies for the mispronunciations of the names of several of our graduating nursing students during our recent commencement ceremony.

This ceremony is a celebration of the significant achievements of our students, and each graduate deserves to have their name honored correctly on this pivotal day.”

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