Ohio Pub Raises Entry Age To 30-Years-Old On Fridays And Saturdays To Deter Younger, Rowdy Crowds

Donerick's Pub Ohio
Donerick's Pub Groveport

Young business is bad business.

At least if you ask Donerick’s Pub in Groveport, Ohio. They recently said “to hell with the youth” and established a “30-years-old and up” policy on Friday and Saturday nights. One Facebook comment implied that they were doing so to cut down on the violence and rowdiness that younger crowds can bring.

Now I’m no expert in business, but it does seem like eliminating a younger demographic (21-year-olds to 29-year-olds) from your business model is a bold strategy. Especially on the presumed busiest days of the week, though I don’t know the specifics and profit margins of Donerick’s Pub, so I digress.

But apparently something happened at the bar 20 miles south of Columbus that caused management to not even think twice about the new rule, which bans anyone under the age of 30 from coming through the doors on Friday and Saturday nights:

“Starting this weekend! 30 and up on Friday and Saturday nights. Cover charge starts at 10 P.M., and the doors close at 1:15 A.M. No exceptions!”

Some in the comments of the post said the rule change is asinine, while others lobbied for the pub to raise the minimum age all the way up to 35. I don’t know what the hell has been happening at Donerick’s Pub, but things must be getting out of hand if people are pushing for an age requirement that almost only allows people in the midst of a mid-life-crisis to attend the establishment.

Barring basically half of everyone that is alive would definitely be a different strategy than any other bar or restuarant has tried. Something tells me that the people at Donerick’s Pub would be willing to try it though.

Hell, their only other business model seems to be just posting thirst traps of their employees in hopes of encouraging Facebook users to pour into the pub:

Currently looking into how far of a drive it would be to get to Donerick’s Pub.

Someone needs to do a full-scale investigation into this place to see what in the world is going on…

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