Ella Langley Teases New Single “You Look Like You Love Me”

Ella Langley country music
Caylee Robillard

Ella Langley is teasing a song for the lonely.

The Alabama native is putting a different spin on a love song, teasing an upcoming single titled “You Look Like You Love Me.” Taking a 180 from her last single, craving a young, wild, and free love on “Nicotine,” this new single is for those craving love in their lonely hours.

Langley has posted two separate teasers for the single, and we are seeing a new side of Langley’s sound. The lyrics, written in a storytelling style, follow a young 22-year-old who sees a man on the dance floor at the bar. Her loneliness leads her to fall in love with a cowboy at the bar.

“I was all but 22, I think, at the time
I’d been out on the road
Lonely at night
And it had been a while
So it was on my mind.”

After finding a cute enough suitor, she makes the first move, taking a beer to him and telling him, “You Look Like You Love Me.”

While she has not teased the studio cut of the chorus, Langley shared a video of her singing the chorus acapella, highlighting the gorgeous vocals. The chorus solidifies that the tune’s narrator is looking to fill her loneliness with a one-night stand.

This twanger almost feels like a perfect pairing to Zach Top’s “Use Me.” I am ready for a release date to be announced for this one.

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A beer bottle on a dock