“Best Performance Of His Career” – Antonio Brown Nukes Daniel Jones’ Football Career Following Zach Bryan Duet

Daniel Jones

As Antonio Brown continues grinding away to build his latest empire, the fledgling sports network CTESPN, he’s providing the type of cutting-edge insight most analysts could only dream of.

Far removed from his frequent “Cracker of the Day” segment, or any other related shenanigans, AB served up the apropos insult of all insults to New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

Moments after yours truly posted about Jones joining Zach Bryan onstage for the song “Revival” at a recent concert, Brown straight-up ethered Danny Dimes with a brutal football-related dig:

I don’t know how any rational person could like Antonio Brown as a human being, but I also don’t know how any rational person couldn’t recognize that this was savage. Maybe we need more of that in sports-related discourse. You know AB isn’t shy about saying the quiet part out loud.

My hope is that Jones fires back at Brown about how awful his music is. I’ll provide an example below to illustrate that point.

Assuming this link is, in fact, to Jones’ personal Twitter/X account, he hasn’t put anything up on the platform since June 2023. Don’t think that’ll be the forum for Jones’ rebuttal if he has one. Were I in Daniel Jones’ shoes, I’d tune out the noise as much as possible, and would think about engaging about 3,045,675 other trolls before I took up digital arms against Antonio Brown’s crazy a**.

Jones can also hang his hat on leading the Giants to the playoffs in 2022, and earning a multi-year contract extension that paid him more than many believed he deserved. That’s more than can be said for Brown, who’s pretty much trashed his legacy since flaming out of professional football during the 2021 campaign. Watching how AB carries himself these days is like taking in a non-substance abuse version of Meltdown Charlie Sheen from however long ago that was. Bizarre, destructive and frankly ridiculous behavior 24/7.

To Daniel Jones, I say this: Keep doing you, prove the haters wrong, rally the G-Men back to respectability this year off of a torn ACL, and watch your stock take off. But also, maybe capitalize on the New York City area and treat yourself to some voice lessons so you can slay those “Revival” vocals next time beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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