“Why Isn’t That Girl Scared?” – Brave Bridesmaid Saves The Day Removing 5-Foot Snake That Crashed Her Sister’s Wedding

woman grabs snake at wedding
Inside Edition

Shoutout to this bridesmaid for saving the day.

Saying that she “manned up” and dealt with the snake removal wouldn’t be appropriate. Not only because we’re living in 2024, but also due to the fact that this woman appears to be the only person at this Florence, Arizona wedding that was brave enough to act as a snake wrangler.

Wedding Crashers as a movie is entertaining, but real life wedding crashers can be headache inducing. Especially if they come in the form of a slithery reptile like this five-foot gopher snake. However, the good thing about this situation was that as long as someone was willing to pick up the snake and carry it off, it wouldn’t be able to cause any more problems.

The person that ended up volunteering as tribute was none other than a bridesmaid of the wedding party. Erika Rodriguez, the sister of the bride, fearlessly went right up to the non-poisonous five-foot snake and picked it right up. Because someone had to, right?

Hilariously, another guest at the wedding who caught the whole thing on camera asked this question as the bridesmaid snatched up the slithering snake:

“Why isn’t that girl scared of anything?”

Rodriguez transported the snake far away from the venue, all while making sure her bridesmaid dress didn’t drag along in the sand. She without a doubt saved the day, or at the very least made sure a snake wasn’t ominously lurking in the area during the ceremony.

The sister of the bride caught up with Inside Edition to talk about the now viral story, admitting that she got in a little over her head and only realized that after she had picked up the gopher snake:

“I don’t think I realized how big it was until I picked it up and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this thing is as tall as me.'”

But Rodriguez powered through and channeled the spirit of her hero to help her through her impromptu snake wrangling session. As she said in the interview, her only formal training with snakes came from the late great Steve Irwin:

“I just grew up watching Steve Irwin. He’s my role model.”

The Crocodile Hunter is still having an impact in 2024. R.I.P. Steve Irwin, and shoutout to you Erika Rodriguez. You would have made Irwin proud with your pick-up-snake-now, think-later mentality.

You can view the video on the story below:

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